Alright well i’m having the worse Post Dcon Syndrome (PDS) right now hahah..

I’ll try to promise you that this will be my last Dcon post. For those who don’t know Dcon stands for District Convention and this year it was held in Anaheim, CA. This is my first time going and i don’t regret any of it at all. It was definitely a life changing experience for me, no joke. Key club is not just a club. It’s more like a lifestyle. Going to Dcon, meeting so many new people from all over the place, learning new skills, learning history about key club, asking people “how they feel”, bonding with my division, spirit rallies, workshops, and seeing AJ Rafael perform was just beyond amazing. It’s even hard for me to express this in words because you just have to experience all of it to know how it moves you. I like how out of all like what? 3,200? people that were there, one of the best parts was is that you can literally just go up to someone, start a conversation, and become friends with them easily. Key club is my second family. I love y’all.

And to the new 2011-12 CNH board, i’m sure you’ll all do a great job. (=

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