Stay With Me // Sam Smith

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It’s a lot easier to be angry at someone than it is to tell them you’re hurt.


Tom Gates 

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Sketches of Walt Disney World by Chris Buchholz

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love life?? ;)

hahah :)

if I go to UCR, where should I dorm?

Hmm I was talking to my friend earlier about this haha

There’s 3 options: Lothian, AI or Pentland. Personally, I picked Pentland and I haven’t regretted it. It’s one of the newer dorms, so it’s more expensive but I think it’s worth it for the comfort. The halls are secluded and smaller, so you get to know your hall mates better which can be good or bad (it’s not co-ed) you share bathrooms with another room and you get your own hall lounge! In all It’s more private and quiet which is nice for me to come back to since I’m super tired when I get back to my dorm usually so I knock out haha.

As for AI and Lothian, those are more of your regular college dorms with a bigger hall (co-ed) you share bathrooms with the whole hall and you share a lounge. It’s more on the older side but a perk is the 2 dining halls are in those dorms, so I guess it can be more convenient. The downside is it get can get loud and Lothian has bad phone connection. 

Honestly, it really matters about how much you’re gonna be in your dorm. As for me, I’m basically only in there to sleep since I’m out at night at dance practice or at class. If you know you’re going to be chilling in your dorm more and you like talking with people then go with AI/Lothian!

Up to you, good luck :)

how do i get ub tix

Do you know any 909 kids? Tickets usually go through them, if you don’t message me on fb! I’ll help ya

Want To Grow As A Dancer? Here Are 3 Tips From Sorah Yang ⇢


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